GREGORY is a Brazilian-Australian multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, dance, performance and digital media based in Melbourne . He holds a degree in Theatre at UniRio (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)  2004 and Photography at SENAC - Rio de Janeiro 2011 . 

As a photographer, Gregory Lorenzutti finds and frames movement with the keen eye and kinetic sensibility of a dancer. He has worked for the major dance companies and independent performers in Brazil and Australia documenting and developing unique image concepts. He also travels across the globe developing projects related to cultural traditions, identity and body representations in performance . His photographic essays have been extensively exhibited and published in Brazil, Italy, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Argentina and Australia. He is interested in the relationship between movement, photography and cultural identities, developing projects in dialogue with other artistic fields, playing and shifting borders and shapes. Recently Gregory undertook a mentoring program at International Centre of Photography in New York with Andre Lambertson about social documentation and contemporary narratives in photography. 

His most recent projects and collaborations include:          


  • Phillip Adams BalletLab - in 2016 Gregory was invited to be part of the ensemble for the project "Ever" to premiere in 2017.
  • Sally Smart portrait - in 2017 Gregory was commissioned to create the portrait of the esteemed Australian artist. 
  • Miga, Sua Loca - a photographic exhibition - photo exhibition as part of the international collaboration between Gregory Lorenzutti and Phillip Adams in the inaugural artistic exchange Australia - Brazil funded by COALAR and Creative Victoria in July 2017. 
  • Pivot - photographic commission by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey for their new sound interactive project to premiere in 2017 at Federation Square.
  • Nightdance - in 2017 Gregory will perform in the latest creation by Berlin based Australian choreographer Melanie Lane. 
  • Pacific - in 2016 Gregory and Phillip Adams were commissioned to collaborate in a groundbreaking production for Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niterói in Brazil.  
  • The Coming Back Out Ball - in 2016 Gregory is invited to develop a photographic essay with elders from Victorian LGBTQIA+ community produced by All The Queens Men. 
  • Keir Choreographic Award 2016 - for the second edition in a row Gregory was invited to be the official photographer for the prestigious contemporary dance award in Australia. 
  • Balimbing Project - in 2016 Gregory returns to Tacloban City (Philippines) to resume his new photographic essay to be exhibited in Australia.
  • Pop Up Tearoom Series - performer and photographer with Yumi Umiumare (Culture Lab residency 2015 and premiere as part of FOLA in 2016). 
  • Off the Record - photo concept for Force Majeure and Dance Integrated Australia new project (premiere Aug 2016 Carriageworks - Sydney). 
  • White Day Dream - guest performer for Weave Movement Theatre for 2015 and 2016 directed by Yumi Umiumare. 
  • Smudge an innovative performance/installation by Phillip Adams BalletLab and Brook Andrew at RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne - Australia in 2015.
  • Dance is my Landscape - Gregory's first individual exhibition in Australia presented by Dancehouse featuring more than 150 photographs in different formats occupying the whole building in Carlton North - Melbourne in June 2015. 
  • Mechanical EyeGregory's first full length work as choreographer assembling Brazil / Australia / France in a dance piece with its world premiere at Melbourne Fringe Festival in October 2014.
  • The Lines of Birds - choreographed by Paea Leach and music score by Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey as part of Next Move program for Chunky Move.
  • Mother Tongue choreographed by Annalouise Paul performed at Bangarra Theatre in Sydney in 2014.
  •  A Dança é minha Paisagem - collective photographic exhibition in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, reuniting stablished and emerging photographers at Espaço SESC Gallery in Copacabana in November 2014/February 2015.
  • Photographing for the  2015 Australian Rhythmic Gymnastics Calendar.
  •  Culminate - performing works by Victoria Hunt, Ghenoa Gela and Jason Pitt presented by Force Majeure at Carriageworks in Sydney in August 2014. 
  • Untitled 2014 - dance installation project choreographed by Antony Hamilton presented in Melbourne. 
  • Me in me Backyard - photographic essay published in Blak Wave (Next Wave 2014) with indigenous artist Carly Sheppard. 
  • I Feel in the Back of My Head - choreography for radio program by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey for ABC National Radio in 2014.  
  • White Day Dream - choreographed by Yumi Umiumare for the IETM Asian Satellite Meeting in North Melbourne Town Hall in 2014.
  • Beast #3 - choreographed by Jo Pollitt & Paea Leach as part of MoveMe Improvisation Festival in Perth 2014. 
  • MoveMe Improvisation Festival - official photographer presented by STRUT in WA 2014. 


In 1998 he got a full scholarship at Nos da Dança Arts Centre to train classical ballet, Martha Graham and Lester Horton Techniques, jazz and contemporary dance and his debut was in 1999 at Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami (USA), dancing “Cirandas, Cirandinhas”  from Villa-Lobos music score. 

In Rio de Janeiro he has worked with outstanding choreographers such as Renato Vieira,  Regina Miranda, Henrique Rodovalho, Rodrigo Pederneiras, Luis Arrieta, Jorge Garcia, Ana Vitoria, Clebio Oliveira, Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni, Rodrigo Negri, Rui Moreira, Carles Salas, Bruno Cezario, Regina Sauer, Antony Hamilton, Yumi Umiumare, AnnaLouise Paul, Victoria Hunt, Ghenoa Gela, Jason Pitt, Jo Pollitt, Paea Leach and Phillip Adams. 

For five years he was a dancer of Renato Vieira Dance Company, where from 2005 to 2012 he was the rehearsal manager and choreographic assistant of the Company reassembling 6 award-winning pieces from its repertoire. In 2003 he was part of first crew of Atelie Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro, under direction of Regina Miranda – Director of Laban Institute in New York, where with her guidance he started to develop his career as a choreographer with an investigative work about daily gesture.

From 2004 to 2012 he danced full time with Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niteroi (Niteroi City Ballet) performing several principal roles from its repertoire in Brazil, South and North America and Europe. 

As a teacher, Gregory has been invited to teach contemporary classes and workshops in a vast number of dance schools and companies in Brazil and Australia.

For 14 years Gregory permanently performed and choreographed for Brazilian comercial TV, film industry and Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade. 

In October 2012 Gregory moved as a permanent resident to Australia and in December of the same year he got a Space Grant at Dancehouse (Melbourne) to finish his film&dance solo work Alaska Gallery in collaboration with Brazilian film maker Joaquim Tome. 

In 2013 he was part of the cast of Cultivate, program presented by Force Majeure in Sydney. In 2014 the program will have its second part Culminate with the same cast. 

In 2009 he started study one of his old passions: photography. First he studied at Atelie da Imagem with Maria Elisa Franco, Guito Moreto, Marian Starosta, Marcos Issa and Leonardo Ramadinha, and then SENAC- RIO (National Institute of Technology) with Jorge Bravin. Recently Gregory undertook an intensive Photo Documentation workshop at ICP (International Centre of Photography) in New York with American photographer Andre Lambertson. With his experience in dance, he was automatically required to photograph performers and Brazilian dance companies such as Renato Vieira Companhia de Dança, Pulsar Companhia de Dança, Ballet da Cidade de Niteroi, Fragmento Companhia de Dança, Quasar Companhia de Dança and Companhia Urbana de Dança. In 2012 he worked with fashion photography creating the winter catalogue for Caroline Rossato Stylist. After stabilising residence in Melbourne, Gregory has photographed and developed promotion images for the independent dance scene in Australia photographing in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Gregory is also the resident photographer at Dancehouse and Lucy Guerin Inc in Australia.


Gregory also is  interested in food production and the fairness in its distribution. He cultivates his backyard farm in Melbourne’s Northern region where he manages to harvest tasty organic food throughout the year and share the excess with friends and neighbours. 

Shoot him an email if you want some organic fresh produce for free!

Food is not a commodity. Everyone in this planet should have the basic right to eat.