Hi, I'm Gregory

I’m an a Brazilian-Australian artist based in Melbourne, Australia, working between the spaces of photography, dance and urban farming. As a dancer, I have more than two decades of experience performing for some of the world’s best companies. As a photographer, I find and share stories with an eye for subtlety, human emotion and beauty. Now, I am evolving my passion for the land — studying urban farming and regenerative agriculture in order to give back to nature and inform my long-term practices as a photographer and dancer.

In my professional life as a dancer, I’ve performed in ballet and contemporary dance companies, television and film productions, and the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade. I’ve worked both as a dancer and rehearsal manager in Brazil, USA, Australia and Europe for companies such as Renato Vieira Cia de Dança, Atelie Coreográfico, Nós da Dança, Ballet de Niterói, Chunky Move and Phillip Adams BalletLab. I am also in regular collaboration with some of Australia’s best independent artists, such as Brook Andrew, Sally Smart, Melanie Lane, Annalouise Paul, Antony Hamilton, Hellen Sky and Yumi Umiumare.

Through my photography, I seek to find and frame story with the eye and kinetic sensibility of a dancer. I’ve documented narrative for publications such as Dumbo Feather magazine and Assemble Papers, and worked for major dance companies and independent performers in Brazil and Australia, capturing and developing exclusive image concepts that have been used for marketing, editorial and branding purposes. I have also travelled the globe creating unique photographic essays, meeting people and telling their stories. My essays have been exhibited in galleries and published in books and media in Brazil, Italy, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Algeria, Argentina and Australia. My recent solo exhibitions include Dance is my Landscape; Miga, sua Louca; and Balimbing - Filipino Queerness. My photographs have been added to numerous private collections around the world.

As I deepen my studies in urban agriculture and regenerative farming, I am finding a unique space in which each of my practices inform one another, working holistically to nourish the human spirit and planet. I am available to give workshops in urban farming, and can provide consultation for transforming your backyard into an edible, sustainable and visually splendid garden.

I hold a degree in Theatre at UniRio (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 2004 and Digital / Analog Photography at SENAC - Rio de Janeiro 2011 and Atelie da Imagem (RJ), and specialised in contemporary narratives in photography at the International Centre of Photography in New York .

Please get in touch with me about any or all of the following at greglorenzutti@gmail.com

  • Photographic shoots (portraiture, editorial, marketing, performance).

  • Dancing (performance, rehearsal management, teaching).

  • Urban farming (workshops, backyard transformations).