2017- Balimbing - Filipino Queerness 

Balimbing – Filipino Queerness was a part of Mapping Melbourne 2017 presented at Temperance Hall (Melbourne/Australia). This photographic art exhibition portrayed the unique queer and multicultural LGBTQI community of Tacloban City in the Philippines.

Gregory Lorenzutti brought to Australia a collection of photographs in daring multi-colour that captured the intimate lives of queer Filipinos steeped in faith, resilience, survival, family and spectacle queerness. Photographed during the Santo Niño fiesta in Tacloban over three years, ‘Balimbing’ (“star-fruit” in Waray dialect) was the culmination of long conversations and personal stories shared during the preparations for a momentous Filipino celebration, which prompted deep recollections of the photographer’s own upbringing in Latin America.

The exhibition unfolded the complex social relations in a place where faith, popular traditions, colonialism, gender fluidity and love can co-exist. The special launch event featured an incredible performance by Bhenji Ra, Justin Shoulder and Caroline Garcia. The pre-launch artist talk was hosted by Nathan Scolaro, Editor of Dumbo Feather and supported by Midsumma Festival.

Balimbing - Filipino queerness - media coverage:

Interview Frankie magazine: https://www.frankie.com.au/item/7069-filipino-queerness-photography-exhibition-opening-and-interview

Dumbo Feather article: https://www.dumbofeather.com/articles/growing-queer-filipino-perspective/

Assemble Papers cover issue Balimbing: http://assemblepapers.com.au/2018/06/28/balimbing-filipino-queerness/

2017- Miga, sua louca

Gregory Lorenzutti's lavish exhibition 'Miga, sua louca' depicts impressions from the creation of Pacific, the 2016 commission for Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niteroi by Phillip Adams. 'Miga, sua louca’ documents the circumnavigation and spectacle of dance rituals as an entry point for social commentary on connectivity, queerness and acceptance. 

2015 - Dance is my Landscape 

Photographer Gregory Lorenzutti finds and frames movement with the keen eye and kinetic sensibility of a dancer. With a keen interest in the relationship between movement, photography and cultural identity, Lorenzutti is drawn to hybridising and permeating borders, in extracting elements from their ephemeral places and capturing them in a new light. For his first Australian exhibition, Dance Is My Landscape, Lorenzutti transports agile bodies and wild scents from his homeland of Brazil and arranges them alongside his ongoing documentation of dancing bodies within Australia’s contemporary scene. Dramatically expressed, richly lit and intensely individual, Lorenzutti’s images flow as landscapes, immensely vast and rich, geographies of endless corporeal horizons.

Fjord interview by Penelope Ford: https://www.fjordreview.com/dance-landscape-gregory-lorenzutti/

2015 - A Dança é minha Paisagem 

2012 - Kodak Salon 

2012 - Mostra Livre de Fotografia 

2012 - K3