Backyard transformations

In bringing together my three passions—urban farming, dance and photography—and investing a great deal of time and energy learning to grow food, I have created a backyard that abounds with edible and flowering plants and invites a sense of beauty, peace and contemplation. 

My philosophy around gardening and urban farming is about connection to place, and being able to harvest goods from the earth right at the doorstep. I draw much of my inspiration from my grandparents' gardens in country Brazil, where I used to play and learn as a young kid. I believe that gardens are for people of all ages and backgrounds, where freedom, wonder and healing are the ultimate purpose.

I am now offering my services in creating productive organic gardens to people living in urban areas. Greg’s Backyard Transformations serves to empower people living in cities to rediscover their ability to grow food. I can work as closely with you as you like—consulting, designing and creating a garden that embraces closed-loop principles and allows nature to do what it does best. 


Projects: Before & After