Past works

Mechanical Eye 

Echoing the dynamic between the vibrancy of the moving body and the rigidity of the camera lens, the work MECHANICAL EYE questions how we accidentally amass images and how these and other images pervade our lives and sculpt perceptions of ourselves in the world. Yesterday, today, now and tomorrow we capture images. We constantly frame and re-frame our lives by choosing to narrow our vision. We see the world through the filter of our beliefs, by photographing edited moments. MECHANICAL EYE highlights paradoxes that reside in our contemporary lives: movement and stillness, ephemeral and lasting, inimitably unique and endlessly reproducible. The work asks for a reconsideration of how complicit we are in image creation, distribution and absorption.


Choreography & Direction / Gregory Lorenzutti In collaboration with / Sarah Fiddaman, Maud Léger, Harrison Hall and Ashley Marie Mclellan  Dramaturge / Paea Leach  Sound design / Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey   Light consultant / Bosco Shaw                       Stage manager / Arielle Cottingham   Sound operator / Chris Fitzpatrick    Graphic design / Cristhianne Vassão    Video / Sam Mcgilp World premiere in October 2014 in Melbourne - Australia.


Alaska Gallery 

Alaska Gallery is the name of a residential building where Gregory used to live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) when he arrived there in 1995. This building is an iconic place in the city where several underground artist, prostitutes, gay community and bohemians used to frequent and fell a bit of freedom in those dark times -- during the brutal military government in Brazil (1960-85). The embodiment of this work started with his researches about the physical impressions attached to the body after had lived a traumatic experience. Not only in his own but looking for to make an inter-relation between different bodies and experiences. Following this path, Lorenzutti immersed himself in a systematic movement experimentation using as starting point the physicals impressions left in the body/memory after had lived a violent experience. Into the studio, Lorenzutti has been looking for to set him into situations which could provoke his body to find unusual and intense ways to move -- as result he noticed a permanent fragmentation and reminiscence of the trauma on his motion approach. Inevitably (and deliberated), Gregory started to rise political and social questions about the subject matter violence. What kind of individuals are we becoming living in a world surrounded by violence? What kind of body (as subject or a society) are we building having violence happening in different levels and circumstances? And how it affects my artistic practice? To answer these questions no longer as the discovery of truth, but rather as the projection of meaning.

Creation and performance Gregory Lorenzutti / Video maker Joaquim Tomé / Film editing Joaquim Tomé  / Special guests Bruno Cezario and Fabiana Nunes /  Co-production: Brazil - Australia


Space occupation. Bodies intertwined. Contact. Non contact. Avoidance. Mask. Ink. Both in short hair.

A video collaboration/experimentation/divertissement with Australia based dance maker & writer Paea Leach.