Talking to people about how, what and where to grow food is one of my biggest passions in life. The garden world is full of surprises and endless learning. In the process of understanding plants and how they grow, we come to understand our own place and role in nature. 

In my workshops, I share my passion and knowledge for organic vegetable gardening and sustainable living. I seek to inspire and educate people who are wanting to live a more holistic life. Perhaps you want to explore the medicinal and nutritional properties of certain vegetables, or learn more about creating a closed-loop system in your backyard. My workshops can run from one-hour to a whole day, and can take place wherever your green thumb desires. 



GROW SOME! Yoga & urban farming workshop - 28 April 2019 - Melbourne / Australia

Are you a city dweller but craves nature? Would you love to grow your own organic food but have no space? Do you wonder how to live a more holistic sustainable life connecting your body & mind to your true self?

If your answer is YES to one of the above, then join us to Grow Some! our backyard urban farming and yoga workshop for holistic living enthusiasts.

Gregory Lorenzutti, urban farmer expert and artist alongside Maud Léger, holistic wellness advocate and yoga facilitator invite you to a special yoga & gardening outdoors experience in Gregory's suburban oasis.

Breath & Yoga with Maud - 60min

Maud will guide you through an embodied yoga flow in the luscious garden to prepare the body-mind-heart to the learning to follow in the garden. We will start exploring the senses, using the garden as a stimulus for mindfulness, before exploring movement and the depth of breath. The session will end with a visualisation of your future, more aligned with nature.

Urban farming for any space - 60min

Gregory will take you through a journey in his suburban organic productive garden where he grows 80% of his fresh produce. In this workshop, he will share and demonstrate useful techniques and strategies to grow your own food in a vast array of spaces and conditions.